caught a body bout a week ago


do you ever just get

viciously jealous

about people



that’s my friend


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  • Kid Fury: No, I really do like the fact that Drake is like, the single male artist-- in hip-hop anyway-- who is like, "Well, you know what? That bitch did not iMessage me back, and it's been six whole minutes, and I feel a certain kinda way about it."
  • Crissle: "And my feeling are hurt!" Yes, girl.
  • Kid Fury: "Like, I'm very hurt. This has fucked up my whole day."
  • Crissle: "And she turned of her read receipts, so now I don't know when she's read it, and I'm offended."
  • Kid Fury: "I feel disgusted right now."
  • Crissle: Because men DO have those feelings.
  • Kid Fury: They do! And they don't wanna admit it!
  • Crissle: They don't want the girls and the bottoms to know, but dammit, we know. Drake told us!
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When you realize that someone is only being nice to you because they want something


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